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IGNOU MA Philosophy Solved Assignment 2018-19

IGNOU MA Philosophy Solved Assignment (MAPY)
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IGNOU MA Philosophy Solved Assignment 2018-19

IGNOU MA Philosophy solved assignment 2018-19 are the important components of Master degree programme is Philosophy offered by the Indira Gandhi National Open university. These are also known as IGNOU MAPY solved assignments as the programme code is ‘MAPY’.

Each student pursing this master degree programme has to submit the solved assignments for all the required courses to appear in the upcoming theory examination. Otherwise, they will not be allowed to fill up examination form and appear in the upcoming examination.

The IGNOU MAPY assignment solutions provided by various websites online are just for reference. So, the students should try to solve the assignments by their own to secure good marks.

Note: Students can contact on WhatsApp at 7428482160 or send email at ignouhelp4all@gmail.com for all the required IGNOU MA Philosophy solved assignments 2018-19 in case if they are unable to solve it by themselves.

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IGNOU MAPY Solved Assignment 2018-19

The Solved Ignou assignments of MA Philosophy are available for the following courses:

IGNOU MAPY 1st year Solved assignment 2018-19

  • MPY-001: Indian Philosophy
  • MPYE-001: Logic
  • MPYE-002: Ethics
  • MPYE-003: Epistemology
  • MPYE-004: Philosophy of Human Person
  • MPYE-005: World Religions
  • MPYE-006: Dalit Philosophy
  • MPYE-007: Research Methodology in Philosophy

IGNOU MAPY 2nd year Solved assignment 2018-19

  • MPY-02: Western Philosophy
  • MPYE-008: Metaphysics
  • MPYE-009: Philosophy of Science an Cosmology
  • MPYE-010: Philosophy of Religion
  • MPYE-011: Philosophy of Arts (Aesthetics)
  • MPYE-012: Tribal Philosophy
  • MPYE-013: Philosophy of Technology
  • MPYE-014: Philosophy of Mind
  • MPYE-015: Gandhian Philosophy
  • MPYE-016: Aurobindo Philosophy
  • MGP-005: Introduction to Peace and Conflict Resolution

The students have to study and pass out total of 32 credits in first year and 34 credits in second year to become eligible for obtaining Master Degree in Philosophy. Each of the course has theory as well as assignment component. Students have to obtain passing marks in both theory as well as assignments to complete each of the courses.

For any MAPY course, the 70% marks are constituted by examinations and 30% marks are added from assignments. Therefore, it becomes really important for students to make neat, clean and correct assignments for all the required courses. The assignments have to submitted to the study centre concerned.

IGNOU MAPY Assignment 2018-19

To make IGNOU MA Philosophy solved assignments 2018-19, the students receives the assignment question booklet from Indira Gandhi National Open University along with study material. Otherwise, they can also download it from the university official website at www.ignou.ac.in.

Contact at ignouhelp4all@gmail.com for any help related to IGNOU MA Philosophy study material, IGNOU MAPY solved assignments 2018-19, previous year solved question papers, etc. The support person will assist you in all your legitimate needs related to your studies.

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