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IGNOU Bachelor’s Preparatory Programme (BPP) Courses & Syllabus

IGNOU BPP Syllabus & Courses
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IGNOU Bachelor’s Preparatory Programme (BPP) Courses & Syllabus

Below, we have provided the complete syllabus of IGNOU Bachelor’s preparatory programme or courses. It’s a six month preparatory programme. To apply for admission in IGNOU BPP, candidates do not require any formal qualification.

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IGNOU BPP Courses Consists of following Course Code and Course name

Course CodeCourse NameCredits
 PCO-1 Preparatory Course in Commerce 1
 OMT-101 Preparatory course in General Mathematics 1
 OSS-101 Preparatory course in Social Sciences 1

IGNOU BPP Syllabus

The IGNOU Bachelor’s Preparatory programme consists of following courses and syllabus

  • OSS-101 Preparatory course in Social Sciences
    • Unit-1: Social Sciences: Perspectives and Interrelationships
    • Unit-2: Role and Relevance of Social Sciences
    • Unit-3: Society Through the Ages: Global Perspective
    • Unit-4: The Making of Modern World
    • Unit-5: State and Society in India
    • Unit-6: Struggle for Independence in India
    • Unit-7: Indian Constitution: Basic Characteristics
    • Unit-8: Contemporary Society in India: Change and Continuity
    • Unit-9: Governance in India: Issues and Challenges
    • Unit-10: Basic Features of Indian Economy
    • Unit-11: Indian Development Experience
    • Unit-12: Ecology and Environment: Issues and Challanges
    • Unit-13: Socio-economic and Gender-based Discrimination
    • Unit-14: Demographic Challenges
    • Unit-15: Democratic Process in India: Challenges
    • Unit-16: Contemporary World
  • OMT-101: Preparatory Course in General Mathematics:
    • Block-1: Basic Concepts of Accounting
    • Block-2: Books of Account-I
    • Block-3: Books of Account-II
    • Block-4: Final Accounts – I
    • Block-5: Final Accounts-II
  • PCO-01: Preparatory Course in Commerce:
    • Block-1 Numbers
    • Block-2 Algebra
    • Block-3 Geometry
    • Block-4 Handling Investments and Data

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